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S.O.S. PUTIN – Trieste

On Tuesday 26 November 2013 in Piazza Sant’Antonio in Trieste, Arcigay and Arcilesbica Fvg, Certi Diritti, Iris, Uaar and with the fundamental contribution of Antonio Parisi, artistic director of the Trieste lgbt evenings, “Jotassassina”, organized a demonstration to protest against human rights violations in the Russian Federation on the occasion of the meeting in Trieste between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Gianni Letta. Godmother of the Trieste event Vladimir Luxuria, LGBT rights activist, as well as actress, TV presenter and writer. The organizers: “A large rainbow flag of 100 square meters will fly on the air of Swan Lake to protest against homophobic laws in honor of two great Russian homosexual figures: the composer Tchaikovsky and the dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Perhaps not everyone knows that in Russia, especially thanks to Putin and the Orthodox Church, there are now laws that are harmful to human dignity. Two girls, two boys can’t even hold hands because the sneaky ban on ‘homosexual propaganda’ applies. “A law – says Clara Comelli of the Certi Diritti Association – that risks blowing on the fire of discrimination even outside the Russian borders, bringing a wind of intolerance throughout Eastern Europe, where National Pride has been banned in Serbia for security reasons, in Croatia an attempt is made to slow the path towards the rights of LGBT people with a referendum that changes the Constitution to their detriment and in Hungary homophobic elements are inserted into the Constitution! “

For a day, the history of humans rights passes through Friuli Venezia Giulia